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About Us

BLK Creative Filings, LLC was created in August 2020. BLK Creative FIlings, LLC is a company that was created to encourage people of color to combine their creativity and skill into a form of income i.e. a business. BLK Creative Filings, LLC provides the following services to creatives turned entrepreneurs.

  • LLC Formation,
  • Website Design/Hosting, &
  • Brand Content Creation

BLK Creative Filings, LLC solves the problem many people face when starting a business which is how “How Do I Get Started?”


Jackie McIntosh Shedrick, Esq

BLK Creative Filings, LLC Owner/Managing Director

Jackie is the owner/managing director of BLK Creative Filings, LLC. Jackie is a New York Attorney with a passion for helping creatives turn their passion into profit. Jackie is originally from Jamaica, Queens, NY, and grew up in a family that encouraged entrepreneurship from a young age. Jackie’s first business was at age 6 when she was selling kool-aid ice cups off of her front steps. She created this company to solve the question that has stopped many people from starting their business which is “How Do I Get Started?”

Nathaniel L. McFarlan

BLK Creative Filings, LLC Brand Content Manager

Nathaniel is the Brand Content Manager for BLK Creative Filings, LLC. Nathaniel is a veteran content creator that has worked with several small business owners to create visual content for their social media pages since 2017. Nathaniel is from Jamaica, Queens, NY. Nathaniel enjoys helping small business owners map out and create content to build a social media relationship between the business and its prospective customer.

Aleya C. Jones

BLK Creative Filings, LLC / Media-Design Manager

Aleya is the Media-Design Manager for BLK Creative Filings, LLC. Aleya is known for her eye and expertise in design and media content. She has worked with numerous entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for a new cohesive image for their brands media content. Aleya is from Flushing Queens, NY. Aleya enjoys design and loves to create an individual experience that is personalized for each client.